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my breakfast - 嫁女饼 Part 2

My 2nd time of buying 嫁女饼 (Jia Nv Bing) or "Bride Piah",
this time, it is yellow in colour.

Compared to the 20 cents coin, we can see that the Piah is medium in size. It is bigger than normal tau sar piah but smaller than Pong Piah.

The paste is Lotus 莲蓉。

The paste is soft and not dry at all.

It is very tasty but yet not too sweet.

Quote from

" 按照广东传统习俗,婚嫁之前,礼饼是绝对不能少的,女家派礼饼给亲友就等于正式宣告家中有女儿将要出嫁。因此,以 嫁女饼 (Jia Nv Bing) or "Bride Piah" 为首的传统礼饼是婚礼至显隆重的尊贵聘物.
嫁女饼也叫绫酥. "

Based on the paste, I rate the awesomeness of the Piah as 80%.
Actually I like both Tau Sar & Lotus paste.... =)
And I would like to buy and taste it again. =)

Food Type: Chinese Desserts

Address : Jelutong market
Contact: -
Business Hour : Morning
Price: RM1.00 per piece (price updated till June 2009)
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  1. EA Cheng Says:

    Haiz, mouth watering... -.- :P

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