Modo Alimentare a.k.a. food way
There are Many Sushi Restaurants in Penang, one of the famous one is Sushi King. (famous but not compulsory tasty)

Last week, I went to the Sushi King in Queensbay Mall...
We normally will choose to seat in front of the SUSHI BElt so that we can get the sushi. But sometimes, I felt that the freshness of the sushi is not fresh enough.

some of the unpopular sushi have been on the sushi belt for so long but Sushi King still does not dispose it away.

My favourite sushi. I cannot find it along the SUSHI BELT.
So i decide to order it.
Freshly made so it is very nice...

Soup come together with the Una Don.

Una Don. the eel is tasty.

Garlic Fried rice in Japanese style. So so.

Curry Udon.
The curry soup is too watery. Cannot feel the aroma of curry.
My mom guess that the curry soup is made of curry powder+water.
but the Udon taste good.
sigh, so qe end up finishing the udon by not drinking any of the soup...

Tako ball. The size is smaller than the Tako ball sold in Jusco. But it is more expensive.
Nothing special so Not recommended.

The receipt and the address. Enjoy! =)

Food Type:Sushi + Japanese cuisine

Name: Sushi King @ Queensbay Mall

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  1. cariso Says:

    I don't fancy Sushi King in any ways. *sigh*

  2. Allie Says:

    I m same with cariso, not fancy sushi king :P

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