Modo Alimentare a.k.a. food way
Let us see, how many Zhu Char stall/restaurant (煮炒档)can we found in Penang?

Every Zhu Char has their own secret recipe or 招牌菜。
Normally, Zhu Char stall has no air-cond but Zhu Char restaurant do.

Putting aside the penang hawker food in
to consideration, if you are looking for a comfortable air-cond environment for a simple dinner, I believe Shang Pin Restaurant 香宾餐馆 is one of the ideal places. With very reasonable price , Shang Pin Restaurant 香宾餐馆 can provide you a great Zhu Char or great Seafood.

The outlet size is just as big as the normal coffee shop. But You can choose to seat outside or dine in at the air-conditoned restaurant. Most of the customers who like to smoke after having their dinner, they will choose to seat outside instead. hehe =)

Tie Ban Tofu 铁板豆腐 or sizzling plate tofu. This one is a must to be ordered whenever my family come to Shang Pin Reestaurant.

You can choose between Japanese Tofu or local Tofu. To increase the texture of this dish, you can ask the cook to add in egg. The sauce contains chili, minced meat and mushroom.

Fried Kang Kung with Sambal / 马来风光。 taste good but Not very spicy.

forget the name of this dish. But it tastes acceptable. "mai hiam beh pai"

招牌菜 : balacan Chicken
The chicken meat is juicy. & the texture of the meat is soft but munchy.
Some of the Zhu Char cannot handle this dish well and the chicken becomes too dry. But Shang Pin has no such problem.

The receipt and the address.

Enjoy! =)

Food Type: Chinese Cooked Food
Shang Pin Restaurant 香宾餐馆

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  1. cariso Says:

    I have heard much about this restaurant at Jelutong, very reasonably-priced.

  2. dear Cariso

    thanks for dropping by my blog & also leaving your comment. =)

    ya...this restaurant is quite a good place for dinner. Some of their dishes are really tasty and worth a try. =)

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