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There are Many Sushi Restaurants in Penang, one of the famous one is Sushi King. (famous but not compulsory tasty)

Last week, I went to the Sushi King in Queensbay Mall...
We normally will choose to seat in front of the SUSHI BElt so that we can get the sushi. But sometimes, I felt that the freshness of the sushi is not fresh enough.

some of the unpopular sushi have been on the sushi belt for so long but Sushi King still does not dispose it away.

My favourite sushi. I cannot find it along the SUSHI BELT.
So i decide to order it.
Freshly made so it is very nice...

Soup come together with the Una Don.

Una Don. the eel is tasty.

Garlic Fried rice in Japanese style. So so.

Curry Udon.
The curry soup is too watery. Cannot feel the aroma of curry.
My mom guess that the curry soup is made of curry powder+water.
but the Udon taste good.
sigh, so qe end up finishing the udon by not drinking any of the soup...

Tako ball. The size is smaller than the Tako ball sold in Jusco. But it is more expensive.
Nothing special so Not recommended.

The receipt and the address. Enjoy! =)

Food Type:Sushi + Japanese cuisine

Name: Sushi King @ Queensbay Mall

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There are 2 Kim Gary Restaurants in Penang, 1 in Queensbay and another in Gurney.

Last week, I went to the one in Queensbay...
Actually, Kim Gary Restaurant really attracts a lot of customers.
Even though it is weekdays, there are still so many customers keen to go back visit again & again...

Now they are having the promotion of new membership/renew of membership.
The details please read the flyer above.

one of the attraction points of Kim Gary is they always introduce new menu.
Hence, the thickness of their menu is increasing...=)

this is 1 page of the menu. I ordered Pork Chop Burger in Macau Style RM 6.50.

The meat is grilled but not fried. So it is very succulent & tasty. Yum Yum///

But dunno why, the cucumber inside of the burger is very bitter, haha...
It is so bitter until i need to remove all of the cucumber before i can continue my burger... =(

Cold HK-style Yuan Yang 冻鸳鸯。 The yuan yang is a real typical HK style, a mixture of coffee and milk tea.

One of my favourite dishes in HK Kim Gary Restaurant --> French Toast!

My friend, Sin Yee ordered this.

I like this more than the French toast from other HK style restaurants because Kim Gary uses Thick Toast. Very aromatic, very tasty....

A must-try side dish in Kim Gary I would say...

Cold Honey Lemon.

Frankly speaking, The dishes served inKim Gary are indeed very HONG KONG style.

The whole interior decoration is also broad, brightly lighted, and clean. The menu covers different types of dishes, you can sure find your favourites there.

too bad I forgot to take the receipt this time...

Food Type: Hong Kong Food

Name: HK Kim Gary Restaurant

Address : Queensbay

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It has been a long time since I last had Taiwan food.

So i am very glad that my cousin ask me to have dinner with her & her friends at Kocha Taiwanese Delight 台湾古早味.

The outlet size is quite big. There are several sections you can sit. But most of the time are occupied and you need to wait outside to be seated. So it is good that if can come here before 630pm.

Taiwan Curry Spare Ribs & Rice Set 台式咖喱猪排饭. The set is coming with soup of the day, 2 types of vegetables, dessert of the day, a cup of drink (coffee, tea or milk tea) and fruits. RM 18.80

The Spare ribs are very juicy and its size is just reasonable. Beside of the spare ribs is boiled egg (卤蛋). the curry sauce is not the typical Nanyang Curry flavor.

It is more similar to the Japanese sweet curry flavor, but not too as sweet as Japanese curry. But it is a good match with its plain rice with minced pork sauce.

The vegetables and the soup tasted just normal, not my cup of tea.

The dessert , according to my cousin, is 腐竹薏米,but to me the taste is abit plain.

I choose original flavor Milk Tea for my set dinner. If you want to order the other types of drinks from the menu , you need to pay extra RM 1 for change of drinks.

This is the only thing I wanna grumble after dinning in this restaurant.

My cousin's friend (who I just met that day) and me had ordered two sets of dinner on that day.

So the waiter just simply put the fruit of our two dinner sets onto the same plate (see the picture above).

This makes us very confused.

This is quite unreasonable. How can the waiter assume that the two person who ordered the two different sets of food will not mind to share the fruits on the same plate?

and they gave different types of fruits (watermelon or jambu) for different sets of food, how can we know which fruit is belong to which set? =(

Hope that they wont make this mistake again.

Minced pork rice. RM 3.20

same rice and same minced pork with the dinner set.

but comes with salted vegetables.

The rice is a perfect match with the micned pork sauce. the minced pork is not oily because they use lean meat 瘦肉。

Dumpling in Beef Soup Noodles set 水饺牛肉面。RM 13.80

I did not taste it.

But according to my cousin's friend, the soup taste good. Dumpling is just normal taste.

pay RM 1 to change the set Drink to honeydew bubble tea.

The receipt and the address. Enjoy! =)

Food Type: Taiwan Delights

Name: Kocha Taiwanese Delight

Address : No. 229, Jln Burmah 10350 Penang.

Contact: 04-2275048
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my breakfast - 嫁女饼 Part 2

My 2nd time of buying 嫁女饼 (Jia Nv Bing) or "Bride Piah",
this time, it is yellow in colour.

Compared to the 20 cents coin, we can see that the Piah is medium in size. It is bigger than normal tau sar piah but smaller than Pong Piah.

The paste is Lotus 莲蓉。

The paste is soft and not dry at all.

It is very tasty but yet not too sweet.

Quote from

" 按照广东传统习俗,婚嫁之前,礼饼是绝对不能少的,女家派礼饼给亲友就等于正式宣告家中有女儿将要出嫁。因此,以 嫁女饼 (Jia Nv Bing) or "Bride Piah" 为首的传统礼饼是婚礼至显隆重的尊贵聘物.
嫁女饼也叫绫酥. "

Based on the paste, I rate the awesomeness of the Piah as 80%.
Actually I like both Tau Sar & Lotus paste.... =)
And I would like to buy and taste it again. =)

Food Type: Chinese Desserts

Address : Jelutong market
Contact: -
Business Hour : Morning
Price: RM1.00 per piece (price updated till June 2009)
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Let us see, how many Zhu Char stall/restaurant (煮炒档)can we found in Penang?

Every Zhu Char has their own secret recipe or 招牌菜。
Normally, Zhu Char stall has no air-cond but Zhu Char restaurant do.

Putting aside the penang hawker food in
to consideration, if you are looking for a comfortable air-cond environment for a simple dinner, I believe Shang Pin Restaurant 香宾餐馆 is one of the ideal places. With very reasonable price , Shang Pin Restaurant 香宾餐馆 can provide you a great Zhu Char or great Seafood.

The outlet size is just as big as the normal coffee shop. But You can choose to seat outside or dine in at the air-conditoned restaurant. Most of the customers who like to smoke after having their dinner, they will choose to seat outside instead. hehe =)

Tie Ban Tofu 铁板豆腐 or sizzling plate tofu. This one is a must to be ordered whenever my family come to Shang Pin Reestaurant.

You can choose between Japanese Tofu or local Tofu. To increase the texture of this dish, you can ask the cook to add in egg. The sauce contains chili, minced meat and mushroom.

Fried Kang Kung with Sambal / 马来风光。 taste good but Not very spicy.

forget the name of this dish. But it tastes acceptable. "mai hiam beh pai"

招牌菜 : balacan Chicken
The chicken meat is juicy. & the texture of the meat is soft but munchy.
Some of the Zhu Char cannot handle this dish well and the chicken becomes too dry. But Shang Pin has no such problem.

The receipt and the address.

Enjoy! =)

Food Type: Chinese Cooked Food
Shang Pin Restaurant 香宾餐馆

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Now, i sincerely wanna introduce the smoothest and tastiest Tau Fu Fa to all of you.

My friend is studying medicine in Ipoh , Perak.

So one day, we suddenly become very enthusiastic and decide to drive to Ipoh to visit her.

7:30AM – Start off from Penang
10:00AM – Reach Ipoh & Dim Sum & Tau Fu Fa 豆腐花 & Tau Tsui 豆水 (Breakfast)

The Stall is very small and is just located at the corner of Jalan Theatre.

Ipoh people normally call it as "take-away Tau Fu Fa 豆腐花

instead of 奇峰豆腐花 / Funny Mountain Soya Bean.

Along the street, you can observe many cars are queing to tau-pau / take away the Tau Fu Fa. Some drivers may choose to park their car beside the road and eat in the car. After that, the boss will collect back the bowl.

They sell Tau Fu Fa 豆腐花, Tau Tsui 豆水 Soya bean and Cheng Cau.

Personally, I feel that their Tau Fu Fa is the Smoothest and tastiest. I cannot find any tau fu fa in Penang that can compete with them.

one of the reason may because of their Secret Weapon - Wood-made tray.

According to the boss Mr Tan, he produces the Tau Fu Fa based on his secret recipe inheritted from his father.

thats why his Tau Fu Fa is so smooth and aromatic.

You can choose to enjoy your tau fu fa with Soya bean or with white sugar.
Note: black Sugar is not provided.

If you ever have a chance to come to IPOH, you must have a try on this Tau Fu Fa.

Food Type: Chinese Desserts
奇峰豆腐花 / Funny Mountain Soya Bean.
Address : No. 49, jln Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Contact: 012-5886167
Business Hour : 1030am till sold out
Price: from RM 0.70 (price updated till June 2009)

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my breakfast - 嫁女饼

I only have two words to describe 嫁女饼 (Jia Nv Bing) or "Bride Piah", tasty but not too sweet.

Quote from

" 按照广东传统习俗,婚嫁之前,礼饼是绝对不能少的,女家派礼饼给亲友就等于正式宣告家中有女儿将要出嫁。因此,以 嫁女饼 (Jia Nv Bing) or "Bride Piah" 为首的传统礼饼是婚礼至显隆重的尊贵聘物.
嫁女饼也叫绫酥. "

Normally, there are 4 types of colour of 嫁女饼 , yellow, white, red and orange. Different types of colour represent different meanings.
The 嫁女饼 I bought from Jelutong market is Red in colour.
On the top of the skin of the piah , there is a word, " 喜喜".
Thus, I saw some aunties in the market bought the 嫁女饼 to pray Ang Kong.

The paste is Tau Sar / red bean which is my favourite. =)
the Tau sar paste is very smooth but it is not too sweet.

Based on the paste, I rate the awesomeness of the Piah as 80%.
And I would like to buy and taste it again. =)

Food Type: Chinese Desserts

Address : jelutong market
Contact: -
Business Hour : Morning
Price: RM1.00 per piece (price updated till June 2009)
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Since young, I always go to Jelutong Market / Pasar Jelutong with my Mother to buy vegetables and breakfast.
Jelutong martket of course is located in Jelutong area. But the road actually is Jalan Ipoh.

Today, my breakfast is Soya Bean (Tau Tsui) and some "Piah".
I will introduce the "Piah" in another post.

I love black sugar with my soya bean.

This Soya bean is rather smooth. bUt the tastiest soya bean that I ever had is in IPOH...

Food Type: Chinese Desserts

Address : jelutong market

Contact: -

Business Hour : Morning

Price: RM 0.80 per cup (S) , RM 1.20 per cup (B), RM1.20 per packet

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hi hi...
most of my frenz know that i am the 1 who like to read through food blogs ....
I like to eat and take pic...

so I finally pick up some courages to start a food blog...

hope that my food blog will provide valuable information to you all...

Self Intro again:
Modo Alimentare a.k.a. food way
MISSION: share the good-food way

HYPOTHESIS: Nice fOOD can treat a glutton and make lay man happy


TOOLS: chopsticks, knives, forks / spoons and CAMERA

1) Order food
2) take the picture
3) Taste it
4) Blogging
see ya.... =)