Modo Alimentare a.k.a. food way

It has been a long time since I last had Taiwan food.

So i am very glad that my cousin ask me to have dinner with her & her friends at Kocha Taiwanese Delight 台湾古早味.

The outlet size is quite big. There are several sections you can sit. But most of the time are occupied and you need to wait outside to be seated. So it is good that if can come here before 630pm.

Taiwan Curry Spare Ribs & Rice Set 台式咖喱猪排饭. The set is coming with soup of the day, 2 types of vegetables, dessert of the day, a cup of drink (coffee, tea or milk tea) and fruits. RM 18.80

The Spare ribs are very juicy and its size is just reasonable. Beside of the spare ribs is boiled egg (卤蛋). the curry sauce is not the typical Nanyang Curry flavor.

It is more similar to the Japanese sweet curry flavor, but not too as sweet as Japanese curry. But it is a good match with its plain rice with minced pork sauce.

The vegetables and the soup tasted just normal, not my cup of tea.

The dessert , according to my cousin, is 腐竹薏米,but to me the taste is abit plain.

I choose original flavor Milk Tea for my set dinner. If you want to order the other types of drinks from the menu , you need to pay extra RM 1 for change of drinks.

This is the only thing I wanna grumble after dinning in this restaurant.

My cousin's friend (who I just met that day) and me had ordered two sets of dinner on that day.

So the waiter just simply put the fruit of our two dinner sets onto the same plate (see the picture above).

This makes us very confused.

This is quite unreasonable. How can the waiter assume that the two person who ordered the two different sets of food will not mind to share the fruits on the same plate?

and they gave different types of fruits (watermelon or jambu) for different sets of food, how can we know which fruit is belong to which set? =(

Hope that they wont make this mistake again.

Minced pork rice. RM 3.20

same rice and same minced pork with the dinner set.

but comes with salted vegetables.

The rice is a perfect match with the micned pork sauce. the minced pork is not oily because they use lean meat 瘦肉。

Dumpling in Beef Soup Noodles set 水饺牛肉面。RM 13.80

I did not taste it.

But according to my cousin's friend, the soup taste good. Dumpling is just normal taste.

pay RM 1 to change the set Drink to honeydew bubble tea.

The receipt and the address. Enjoy! =)

Food Type: Taiwan Delights

Name: Kocha Taiwanese Delight

Address : No. 229, Jln Burmah 10350 Penang.

Contact: 04-2275048
4 Responses
  1. XtasyM Says:

    Not to say very expensive... but the food worth trying?

  2. dear Xtasym
    yes, the food is reasonable but tasty..
    so i would say, it is worth to give it a try... =)

  3. cariso Says:

    Did you feedback to them regarding the fruit part?

  4. dear Cariso

    we did ask the waiter about the fruit. But the waiter just replied us that they had put the two sets of fruit onto 1 plate. that's all.


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