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There are 2 Kim Gary Restaurants in Penang, 1 in Queensbay and another in Gurney.

Last week, I went to the one in Queensbay...
Actually, Kim Gary Restaurant really attracts a lot of customers.
Even though it is weekdays, there are still so many customers keen to go back visit again & again...

Now they are having the promotion of new membership/renew of membership.
The details please read the flyer above.

one of the attraction points of Kim Gary is they always introduce new menu.
Hence, the thickness of their menu is increasing...=)

this is 1 page of the menu. I ordered Pork Chop Burger in Macau Style RM 6.50.

The meat is grilled but not fried. So it is very succulent & tasty. Yum Yum///

But dunno why, the cucumber inside of the burger is very bitter, haha...
It is so bitter until i need to remove all of the cucumber before i can continue my burger... =(

Cold HK-style Yuan Yang 冻鸳鸯。 The yuan yang is a real typical HK style, a mixture of coffee and milk tea.

One of my favourite dishes in HK Kim Gary Restaurant --> French Toast!

My friend, Sin Yee ordered this.

I like this more than the French toast from other HK style restaurants because Kim Gary uses Thick Toast. Very aromatic, very tasty....

A must-try side dish in Kim Gary I would say...

Cold Honey Lemon.

Frankly speaking, The dishes served inKim Gary are indeed very HONG KONG style.

The whole interior decoration is also broad, brightly lighted, and clean. The menu covers different types of dishes, you can sure find your favourites there.

too bad I forgot to take the receipt this time...

Food Type: Hong Kong Food

Name: HK Kim Gary Restaurant

Address : Queensbay

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  1. samantha Says:

    hello, ting hui here. nice blog!!! I particularly like this post - Kim Gary rocks. ^^ Must definitely go and makan there when I get back.

  2. hello , thing hui,....thx for droping by...

    how r u thr? busy working?

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