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my breakfast - 嫁女饼

I only have two words to describe 嫁女饼 (Jia Nv Bing) or "Bride Piah", tasty but not too sweet.

Quote from

" 按照广东传统习俗,婚嫁之前,礼饼是绝对不能少的,女家派礼饼给亲友就等于正式宣告家中有女儿将要出嫁。因此,以 嫁女饼 (Jia Nv Bing) or "Bride Piah" 为首的传统礼饼是婚礼至显隆重的尊贵聘物.
嫁女饼也叫绫酥. "

Normally, there are 4 types of colour of 嫁女饼 , yellow, white, red and orange. Different types of colour represent different meanings.
The 嫁女饼 I bought from Jelutong market is Red in colour.
On the top of the skin of the piah , there is a word, " 喜喜".
Thus, I saw some aunties in the market bought the 嫁女饼 to pray Ang Kong.

The paste is Tau Sar / red bean which is my favourite. =)
the Tau sar paste is very smooth but it is not too sweet.

Based on the paste, I rate the awesomeness of the Piah as 80%.
And I would like to buy and taste it again. =)

Food Type: Chinese Desserts

Address : jelutong market
Contact: -
Business Hour : Morning
Price: RM1.00 per piece (price updated till June 2009)
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  1. sy Says:

    wic i taken just now ??!..k..tat's not bad..

  2. dear sy, u only try the tau fu fa or soya bean? =)

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