Modo Alimentare a.k.a. food way

Compared with those Dim Sum restaurants at Georgetown, one of the advatanges of Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant is its plenty parking lots.
Since it was Sunday, not surprisedly, We saw many people in the shop.

Many are old folks and also some youth accompany their parents or grandparents for breakfast.

It starts to operate from 6am to 2pm.

After grab a seat, a staff very quickly approached to our table, asked about the order for tea and passed us the above card.
This restaurant is slightly different from ordinary Dim Sum Restaurant, as we need to we should go over the Dim Sum & Pau area and order for foods. After we choose and get our Dim Sum, the staff will tick on the card.

Waited for 5 mins, we get our tea, "Xiang Pian".
Then we started to go getting our Dim Sum.
Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant offers a huge varieties of fried and steamed Dim Sum which includes Egg tart, Lao Po Peng, HK-style Custard bun, glutinous rice rolls, Paos, dumpling and rice rolls with ingredients of chicken, pork, prawns and vegetables , fish balls, Chee Cheong Fun and many more .

Carrot Cake. This is the 1st MUST-TRY item at Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant.
The outer layer is crunchy but the inner part is very soft.

The 2nd MUST-TRY item at Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant is the very delicious fried prawn dumplings. So sorry that I forgot to take the photo as all of us cannot "tahan" its temptation...
There’s not a hint of oil smell. As usual, we dipped the fried prawn dumplings into the mayonaisse and trust me, they are more tasty than plain-eating them.

Char Siew Sau. This is not Good. Cannot feel the aroma of Char Siew at all.

The Best Char Siew Sau is still belonged to Wang Kok Restaurant's.
Siew Mai with Red Colour Skin. Taste ok.

The Vegetable skinned Har Gao. Very nice. The prawns are very fresh and the skin is more special than plain skin. We can taste the vegetables inside too.

Normal Plain Har Gao. The prawn is very fresh.
Shark Fin Har Gao.
The har gao here is fresh and they have one prawn in there and the taste is ok.
However, i cannot find any different from the normal plain Har Gao except the price.
The Fried Fish Cake. Quite nice. The juice of the fish is trapped inside the skin.

We also ordered the Lao Po Peng, some assorted siu mai, and Fried Glutinous Ball with Lotus and peanut pastings.
Overall, 3 of us spent total of RM 29 for this breakfast. I am quite satisfied with the service and the food.

Before this breakfast, I read some comments from Duckie Food blog before and it worries me.

Luckily, the restaurant has improved itself and stripped off the Dim Sum Trolley idea. And of course, no more "super Model" waiter/waitress.

Just hope that they can improve the quality of their tea. It is my 1st time to taste bitter "Xiang Pian". haha
Food Type: Chinese Food
Name: Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant
Address : Located at the Pekaka Building (It’s located just next to Tesco Extra)
Price:from RM2.10 to RM3.00 per basket
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  1. Allie Says:

    I love their Egg Tart and Yong Yau Foo. It's been a while since I visited them.

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